- At the meeting held by ACC, Ecuador Ambassador Roberto Betancourt invited Turkish companies for construction and infrastructure investments.

- Baran, ACC Chiefman: "We are proud that our Turkish companies are among the investors in demand in the world"

21 JULY 2017 - Ecuador has also been added to the countries which Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC) has been focusing on developing foreign trade. Roberto Betancourt, Ecuador's Ambassador to Ankara, also attended the meeting led by ACC 's Chairman Gürsel Baran, and invited Turkish companies to invest in Ecuador. ACC Chairman Baran said, 'We are proud that our Turkish companies have been among the investors of the world.'

ACC organized the 'Turkey- Ecuador Investment Trade and Cooperation Meeting' in order to develop trade and economic relations between Ecuador, the South American Country, and Turkey.


At the meeting, ACC Chairman Baran stated that they attach great importance to the development of foreign trade as an ACC and that they have been under the spotlight at meetings organized by the ACC. 'We are examining the country first to improve our foreign trade and we are doing a detailed study to see what we buy and sell, what we can buy and sell,' Baran said. Baran noted that they added Ecuador to the countries with which they were working.

'Our total trade between our country and Ecuador is at the level of 100-150 million dollars and Turkey is the country that is open to this trade but the potentials of both countries are more potential.' Baran pointed out that Ankara's share in trade between Turkey and Ecuador is also low. Reminding that the studies on the free trade agreement planned to be signed between the two countries continue, Baran spoke, 'I believe that our trade will increase with the entry of the free trade agreement.' Baran, who gave detailed information about the Ankara economy and the work of the ATO, said:

'Ankara is Turkey's fifth largest exporter with a foreign trade volume of $ 17.3 billion. It is exporting to almost all countries of the world, especially the European Union countries. As Ankara Chamber of Commerce, while we maintain our services for our members, on the one hand we are working for Ankara to be a city that produces and exports more.'


Ecuadorian Embassy Ankara Ambassador Roberto Betancourt, who spoke after the Ecuadorian Introductory Film, said that they appreciated the attitude of Turkey in terms of trade development and said, 'But we do not want to sell only bananas to Turkey, we can sell other goods not produced by Turkey, We also want to sell products such as tuna, rose, cocoa, which are very popular in Turkey. 'We want to sell Turkish products to Turkey at very good prices and to buy commercial products for the development of their own industry', Ambassador Betancourt said, adding that the obstacles to the signing of the free trade agreement between the two countries could be overcome with the assistance of the ACC and the assistance of the two countries' authorities. 

Ambassador Betancourt, who invited Turkish companies to invest in construction and infrastructure in Ecuador, said that a large Turkish company in the south of the country had begun construction of the port and said, 'I believe that cooperation between Turkey's technology and Ecuador will lead to very large projects.' Betancourt also pointed out that Ecuador is a strategic geographical location like Turkey.

Ecuadorian Embassy Commercial Counselor Juan Francisco Navas gave a presentation to ACC members about Ecuador's economy, investment and cooperation opportunities in the country. 'Ecuador, located in the middle of Latin America, is a gateway to trade,' said Navas, who stated that Ecuador should not be viewed as a small country but as an introduction to important parts of the world. Explaining that they were enacting laws supporting the investments, Navas answered the questions of ACC members at the end of the meeting. 

At the meeting held by the ACC and the joint organization of the Embassy of Turkey's Commerce Office in Turkey, commercial cooperation opportunities and investment opportunities between the two countries were evaluated. Members of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Assembly and Committee participated in the meeting.