- Georgia Ambassador Koplatadze, 'We want to delegate from Georgia to develop trade relations'

- Ambassador: 'Sportsgear of the Italian Football Team was produced in the factory established by the Turkish Investor in Georgia'

- Ambassador: 'I wish to fly directly to Tbilisi when my term of office in Ankara expires'

-ACC Chairman Baran: 'We are open to all kinds of cooperations with you.'

August 2, 2017 Ambassador of Georgia Koplatadze said that the share of Ankara in trade with Georgia and Turkey should increase,'We want to bring a businessmen's delegation from Georgia to improve the trade.'

Koplatadze, Georgian Ambassador to Ankara, visited Gürsel Baran, ACC Chairman of Board in his office. Speaking at the visit, Ambassador Koplatadze said that Turkey is a very important commercial partner of Georgia and that foreign trade between the two countries reached 1.5 billion dollars. Ambassador Koplatadze pointed out that there are many Turkish investments in Georgia, 'Most foreign investor in our country is from Turkey, Turkey is in the position of an investor partner besides being a commercial partner for Georgia.'


The ambassador also stated that Turkish investors are exporting to Georgia through the European Union. 'The formalities of a soccer team in Italy were produced at the plant established by Turkish investors in our country.'

Reminding that there is a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries since 2007, Ambassador Koplatadze informed that the work towards updating this agreement is continuing. 'We want to bring a delegation of businessmen from Georgia to Ankara to improve our potential with Ankara,'said Ambassador, who noted that Ankara has a share of USD 100 million in trade between Turkey and Georgia. 


ACC Chairman Baran, who gave detailed information about the economic structure of Ankara, talked about Ankara's infrastructure in health and congress tourism. 'I believe that this issue will soon be resolved,' Baran said, emphasizing that they have been working to increase flights directly from Ankara to abroad since the beginning of the referendum. Ambassador Koplatadze said that there is a direct flight from Tbilisi to Ankara and that most of our citizens want to come to Ankara for health tourism. 'I would like to fly directly from Ankara to Tbilisi when the mandate in Ankara is over,' the Ambassador said, noting that the length of the mandate in the capital Ankara would be full about a year later.

Ambassador Koplatadze thanked ACC Chairman Baran for his acceptance and gave the table top pen. ACC President Baran also presented an embroidered scarf made from the sweater of the Ankara fleece to the Ambassador.

At the same time, the AK Party Central Decision and Board Member Ethem Sancak, who came at the same time as ACC Chairman Baran, was also present.