Competing in IPRA's 'Gold Awards for Excellence', ACC brought reward to Turkey.

In 2003, "2003 Gold Awards for Excellence in Public Relations" was organized by The International Association of Public Relations (IPRA). Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC), which participated in two finalist races, the "Political Relations" branch and the "Consumer Law Crisis" in the "Credit Card Roulette" and "Public Service" branches, was selected as 'Good of the Best'. ACC was one of the two nominees for the "Grand Prize of Excellence" to be announced at the Oscar ceremony in New York in that year with these two gold medals won in both projects. The competence and quality of the projects in terms of research, planning, implementation and evaluation, the clarity and harmony of the messages, the creativity and ethics, the conditions of the country where the program is applied were taken into consideration in the contest where 43 senior jury members from 20 countries voted.