ATO IDEA was created in the need of managing and monitoring the training services provided to the chamber members and the staff under a single roof through the different units of the ACC and bringing a corporate identity in the training activities by establishing a sustainable system covering all of the training needs.

Target group of ACC IDEA is all the companies, institutions, managers and staff of those institutions, whose aim is entrepreneurship, value added, R & D, productivity, growth, internationalization, digital transformation and so on.. within the economic life, or all the entrepreneurs who intend to take part in business life as self-employed and even students and children who have just prepared economic life.

Our Goal;

-To be a training and development campus which routes and catalyzes the labor market and the education sector,

Our Objectives;

-To break, develop and certify the qualified labor that will be needed now and in future,
-To design and present services to provide long-term contribution to the enterprises in education,
-To make a contribution to raising a generation which has a generating and entrepreneurial spirit,
-To create sustainable initiatives,
-To improve staff - member relations in order to transfer ACC services to the members in a much better way and to increase sense of belonging to the institution for the staff,
-To transfer information and innovation for the labor needs.