Gürsel BARAN, Chairman


Ankara Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the most established institutions of our Republic, has stood by our tradesmen and merchants since its establishment in 1923.


Our target is to contribute to our country to become one of the ten most developed countries in the world with its knowledge-based and competitive economic structure based on entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific development and high value-added technology production.


As Ankara Chamber of Commerce, we focus on increasing the number of entrepreneurs in Ankara by giving priority to young people and women
Supporting entrepreneurs who perform the most vital functions in social and economic terms, spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and establishment of sustainable enterprises will increase the production and employment and development our country..


In our geography, another factor as prominent as 'strong economy' for the continuation of Turkey's existence is love for our homeland. The spirit of the Dardanelles which appeared once again on the night of July 15, when a fierce coup attempt took place, is a saintly trust that we must pass from generation to generation. Our youth that has historical consciousness and spirit of the Dardanelles soul will carry our country into strong future. 


It is our primary duty to ensure our members to keep up with development, where technological novelties are progressing with giant steps, the level of globalization of enterprises has increased, traditional trade has evolved into e-commerce and the world has become an open market. In this respect, we have been striving to provide our members a faster, better and modern service according to the requirements of global trade, with the understanding of contemporary and innovative management.


Aiming to meet the expectations and needs of its members in the best way, our Chamber continues to improve the IT infrastructure by improving the service quality with the opportunities provided by modern technology. Owing to our e-ATO service through which our members begin to get digitally signed documents such as chamber registration copy, activity certificate and prequalification certificate over the internet. Furthermore, IOS and Android application has made available for smart phones in order to enable our members to access reliable, convenient and fast information anytime and anywhere, and to inform them about our training activities and events.


As the Ankara Chamber of Commerce Board, we will carry on working to facilitate the work of our members and open up their horizons.