Gürsel BARAN, Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Commerce


He was born in Siirt, Turkey, in 1960. He started his professional business life with 'Dost Boya Construction and Automotive Industry Trade Company' which he founded in 1981. Under the roof of the company of which he is the founder, he has carried on his activities in construction and paint materials sector.

In the 2004 local elections, he was elected to the Assembly of the Municipality of Altındağ and worked for two terms.

Mr. Gürsel BARAN, member of ACC Assembly since 1999, was also on such duties as member of ACC Committee Member (1999-2000), member of ACC Specialization Commission (2000-2008), member of ACC Price Estimation Commission (2002-2009) and Chairman of ACC Accounts Review Commission (2003- 2016). In the mid-term election of Ankara Chamber of Commerce taken place in December 2016, he took charge of the chairman of the Board. Besides being the chairman of the Board of ACC, he is also a member of the Board of Credit Guarantee Fund.

He is an active member of Siirt Education Culture and Aid Foundation along with the Plumbing Construction Industry Equipment Suppliers Association (TİMKODER).

He is married and father of three children.