Chambers of Commerce and Industry Law no. 655 had been passed on April 22, 1923 after Ankara government was formed and following the Independence War. For the first time Chambers gained the legal status owing to this law.

Founded on May 1923, Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Industry went into operation on Anafartalar Street then in an old building named Ates Han (now Balikcioglu Han). Later, it went into operation at Kınacı Han on the same street and moved to the building that is Chamber's own property on Posta Street in 1937. Now, Ankara Chamber of Commerce carries out its activity at Sögütözü Neighborhood.

Negative effects of Post War period and Great Depression in 1929, trade in Ankara did not develop which also prevented improvement of Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Industry for a long time and stayed as an institution. However, after 1932, Chamber gradually was in an endeavor of giving ideas and reports about commercial issues and being in touch with Government members.

When it was understood that the law no. 655 did not answer the needs of Chambers, the law no. 4355 in 1943 and then the law no. 5590 in 1950 went into force. According to these laws, Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Industry redefined occupational groups for the purpose of adapting to the new laws and organized the bodies of occupational groups.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce and Industry established a close dialogue with the government after 1950. It pioneered the foundation of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey and took charge in its administration with Chamber's representatives. By the help of these close relations; Chamber became the representative of private sector as the founder member of Eregli Iron and Steel Joint Stock Corporation which then, was the biggest industrial enterprise in Turkey.

Ankara Chamber of Industry was founded in 1964, therefore our chamber was named as Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC).

As the biggest non-governmental organization of Anatolia, Ankara Chamber of Commerce follows important activities related to matters of Turkish economy.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce expresses opinions through organizing seminars, panels and meetings about the matters that are related closely to private sector and public opinion in Turkey.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce becomes stronger in every year and works hard for the purpose of increasing its contribution to its members and national economy.