Strengthening Entrepreneurial Sparks

SPARK is all about entrepreneurship promotion among young people. Project will provide training programs and mentoring for the target group in all partner countries. The training programs will be open and online based will be piloted on the target group and after the closure of the project will be made available to public. Online training modules will be developed on various areas from innovation to access to finance. Therefore, SPARK project will encourage different forms of entrepreneurship among young people. Furthermore, the online learning platform will include sequential courses each of which will require tasks from the participants which will be evaluated by their peers according to the pre-agreed criteria. The final task for the students of the online training will be simulating the start-up and management of an entrepreneurship. The simulation exercise will be developed as part of the online learning platform. Besides e-learning, mentoring sessions will be held in parallel to the e-training and there the participants will focus on developing their business plan.

E-learning platform offers 10 Training modules


1. Entrepreneurship Fundamentals

2. Human Resources Management

3. Creativity and Innovation

4. Leadership

5. Strategy

6. Networking

7. Marketing

8. Business Plan

9. Financial Fundamentals

10. Pitch

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